Real Estate Roundup: Herndon

By  Published Sep 7th, 2016

Fairfax County's Herndon, Virginia is located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and is an averaged sized town, with a population of 24,554 people. Herndon hosts some of the nation’s top-rated public schools, with 4 elementary schools, a middle school, and high school within the town. There are also a number of private schools within the area.

Herndon's real estate is some of the highest priced in Virginia, as well as the nation. Within Herndon there are 20 neighborhoods, many of which consist of single-family dwellings whose prices are significantly higher than the nation overall, but boast the safety and convenience of an affluent area.

Herndon's priciest neighborhood would be the rightfully named, Money's Corner, where the average price of a home was above $800,000. Moderately diverse, neighborhoods like Money's Corner consist of mostly married couples, who predominately work as executives or other high level administrators. Houses are mostly large private dwellings, newly built or renovated, and consisting of three or more bedrooms.

For more moderately priced housing, Herndon Junction is the tenth most expensive neighborhood in Herndon, with price tags of around $500,000 for a medium-to-large single family dwelling. With low crime rates, a popular public transportation system, and a short commute to the city, real estate is expected to hold or grow in value. Residence takes pride in their homes around Herndon, keeping neighborhoods well-maintained, boasting driveways filled with luxury cars, and living harmoniously amongst a blend of different cultures.

Those looking to purchase a home outside the D.C. metropolitan area will find that Herndon has more to offer than the average suburban market. For those looking for a quiet, convenient place to raise a family, the selection of local churches, restaurants, and shopping make Herndon a highly desirable place to live. For affluent professionals looking to somewhat escape the city but live close enough to enjoy its conveniences, it is an obvious choice. Herndon homes are elegant and project a sense of hard-work and ingenuity that give residences a great sense of pride in their town.