Places to Eat in Herndon

By Jun S.  Published Aug 28th, 2016

People who are planning on being in or near Herndon don't have to worry about taking care of their appetites-- there are quite a few choices in dining establishments in the area! The available food options are highly varied as well. People who appreciate Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Northeast Asian, South Asian, German, seafood, Mediterranean, All-American, Italian and Russian dishes can all easily find places to eat in this Northern Virginia community.

People who enjoy exotic cuisines are sure to appreciate their dining options in Herndon. A Taste of the World is a popular eatery located in the town on Sunset Park Drive. Thai Tada serves classic Thai cuisine. Angeethi Authentic Indian Cuisine, as its name suggests, specializes in dishes from India. Charcoal Kabob serves up dishes that hail from the Middle East. Those who enjoy curries, kebabs, pad Thai and crispy chicken dishes, for example, can all find great items on the menus at restaurants in Herndon. The town has a little something for everyone.

European dining is another exotic favorite available in the town. The town is home to Russia House Restaurant, a popular spot for people who love Eastern European offerings. It's also home to an Austrian and German establishment that's known as Euro Bistro. There are quite a few Italian eateries available as well. These include both Europa Restaurant and Zeffirelli Ristorante Italiano. Fans of Italian dining who visit the town should have no trouble finding their favorite dishes, whether gnocchi, lasagna, veal Milanese, chicken parmigiana or anything else.

The town is also a great location for people who are passionate about good old-fashioned All-American food. Those who love hot dogs can stop by The Wiener's Circle for lunch or breakfast. Those who adore cozy American favorites can head over to charming Virginia Kitchen. Some examples of the American delights that are available on Virginia Kitchen's menu are golden brown waffles, grilled chicken sandwiches, country fried steak, tuna bacon melts, meatloaf and pot roast. Beverage options on the menu include everything from orange juice to soda.

People who wish to enjoy hearty pub foods and quality drinks can visit Jimmy's Old Town Tavern on Spring Street. Bar Louie is another popular bar destination in the town.

Chow down and taste all the delicious food charming Herndon, Virginia has to offer!