Herndon Attractions


Herndon Attractions

Herndon is an attractive small city that is packed with recreation activities and opportunities for entertainment. Here are some of the most popular things to do in this exciting small city.

Historic District

This was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Included are 104 houses, six institutional buildings, 20 commercial buildings, four industrial buildings, eight barns, 30 garages, a pump house, water tower, gas generating building, and the town square.

Historic Herndon Depot Museum

The Historic Herndon Depot Museum is a popular destination for people who crave historical exhibits. The museum houses artifacts from the city’s founder, artifacts from World War II, historical railroad memorabilia and numerous other fascinating items. The city’s historical society also meets at the museum to hold three annual meetings, all of which are open to the public.

Parks, Trails and Nature

There are eleven neighborhood parks with nature programs, special events, and summer camps. Picnic shelters at Bready Park, Runnymede Park, and Trailside Park are available for rent. The town is also home to two walking trails, Sugarland Run Trail and the historic Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD).

Arrowbrook Centre Park

This beautiful well-cared-for park has the best lighted synthetic-turfed soccer field, a basketball court, lighted tennis courts, a bocce ball court, a covered picnic area, and a playground set on rubber pavement for the children.

Runnymeade Park

This 58-acre natural park follows along the Sugarland Run Stream and has hiking trails, local fauna displayed with the names of the different trees and plants, and a picnic pavilion.
Frying Pan Farm Park

Frying Pan Farm Park

This historical park brings visitors back to rural America in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. This historical farm features exhibits related to the advent of the tractor, mechanical hay bailing machines and milking machines. Additionally, visitors will enjoy the chickens, peacocks, sheep, pigs, rabbits, cows and other livestock. This attraction is especially valuable for families with children. Kids get to meet the farm animals, take hands-on educational classes about farming in rural America and also have the opportunity to experience horseback riding lessons. Moreover, Frying Pan Farm Park is recognized as a state landmark and is listed on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places.

NextStop Theatre

Founded in 1988, NextStop Theatre is the first and only professional theatre company that specifically focuses on serving Fairfax County, Virginia. This attraction would be ideal for anyone who would be interested in experiencing high-quality theatrical productions at very affordable prices. NextStop Theatre is run by a staff of volunteers who are committed to delivering the region’s best theatrical productions. Furthermore, NextStop also offers educational programs and theatre camps for aspiring young actors and actresses.

Bready Park Indoor Tennis Center

Located adjacent to the Community Center, this features three covered tennis courts open in the fall, winter and early spring. Tennis classes are organized according to player ability and the National Tennis Rating Program. Early Bird, Women's, Men’s, and Seniors Doubles instructional classes and programs are offered seasonally.

Aslin Brewery

The Aslin Brewery is the perfect destination for visitors who are passionate about tasting delicious craft beer. Aslin Brewery offers tours of their brewery and free sampling of their award-winning beer. Additionally, this brewery encourages visitors to bring food to complement their savory beers.

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