Best Golf Course in Herndon, VA

Best Golf Course in Herndon

There are numerous recreational activities that you can participate in if you are planning to visit or even move to Herndon in Virginia. One of the ideal choices is golfing. This game will provide you with extensive physical exercise, promote socialization with friends and family, and even improve your concentration and mental capabilities. Here is a short description of the Herndon Centennial and its exceptional features. This is the top golf course in the Herndon area, so it is a must-play for any enthusiast within the vicinity of the establishment.

Herndon Centennial Golf Course

909 Ferndale Ave
Herndon, VA 20170

The Course

The Herndon Centennial course is designed to provide premier services for both golf novices and experts alike. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a good round, practice your swings or even take lessons, this is the perfect choice! The course has a great 18-hole par 71 layout with great trees, rolling fairways and relatively numerous water hazards. You will have a good challenge to deal with when playing on this recreational ground.

Location and Tee Times

The location is close to the Dulles airport, so you can visit the course frequently without extensive inconvenience. Additionally, the drive from downtown Washington and its environs to Ferndale Avenue at normal hours is fairly easy. When planning to visit the golf course, you can book your tee times easily through the customer reservation service for your convenience.

Other Services

The establishment provides food and beverage services which are “powered” by JJ deli. You can plan an outing and partake in edibles such as barbecue pork, ribs, Italian sausages, sandwiches and briskets. The deli offers eat-in, catering as well as carry-out, and there are extensive food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a pro shop at the course which offers equipment, clothes and golfing accessories. Moreover, if you are not ready for the main field, you can use the practice area for your golf lessons.

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