A Quarter Century In Business, The Wiener's Circle Remains Top Dog


A Quarter Century In Business, The Wiener's Circle Remains Top Dog

There's something charming and disarming about a restaurant exclusively dedicated to hot dogs, and the Wiener's Circle is precisely that. What makes it even better is that it includes myriads of the various condiments that folks have come up with.

The Wiener's Circle is truly unique, and the folks at Great Falls Gourmet Catering have created this rarity in Herndon Virginia, serving sausage lovers their favorite fare with house made hot dogs and sausages of high quality grilled steamed or deep fried, and a condiments bar with over twenty options. It's the kind of place where one might accidentally make a sort of salad with a hot dog buried deep beneath all the sweet and sour red cabbage, red onions, pickled carrots, banana peppers, green tomato pickles, celery salt, and a dozen other ingredients.

As far as hot dogs and sausages, they offer Sabretts dogs, no nitrate Angus dogs, Vienna all beef dogs, Hebrew National dogs, turkey dogs, German dogs, and even veggie dogs. On the sausage spectrum they cover the crucial styles including Hot Italian, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Hot half smoked, and smoked. Their selection doesn't stop there, offering six ways to take your fries including California Garlic, cheddar fries, beef and bean chili fries, Garlic Parmesan fries, and even just plain old fries which you can modify at the condiments bar with curried ketchup and creole mustard.

With such unbeatable food it's easy for this place to be exclusive in its offerings, going so far as to only be open three and a half hours a day between Monday and Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Herndon is a fitting host city for such Americana fare, and the number of regulars keeps them packed for the several hours they open each day. They always have another surprise lunch special that receives regular rave reviews, such as oysters, cheese steaks or gumbo. The owners Greg and Diane are known for greeting their customers and showing care and concern for each order, and according to their regulars, have proven the validity of their punning catch phrase, "All wiener's, no losers."

The best part about this place is its connection to Great Falls Gourmet Caterers, which Greg and Diane Hill have been operating since 1992. The catering branch of their endeavor serves the North Virginia and Washington DC areas. The Hill family, along with their three kids, have been offering their elegant affordable services to folks for twenty five years now, and have dialed in what it takes to create the perfect wedding reception, baptism, graduation party, or Bar Mitzvah. Not just caterers, they also offer linens, rentals, floral arrangements, service staff, and theme events, so the entire event will have a seamless flow with no clashing between the planner and the half dozen sub contractors.

For serious fancy once in a lifetime events such as weddings and baptisms they bring a very savvy selection of menus including French, Italian, Mexican, or American which diners continue raving about months later. For less memorable events that still require the proper combination of levity and gravity, they still bring their A game with such offerings as the breakfast menu, box lunches, soup and salad, and sandwich selections. Most importantly, they offer everything from the Wiener's Circle, and for my vote, that's all that matters.